Jump into the 3 Vallées !

Immerse yourself in the heart of 3 Vallées !

Thanks to new technologies, it is now possible to immerge yourself in our beautiful mountains from anywhere !
Virtual tour simulate a visit of any place : inside or outside. More than just a panoramic picture, you can interact with the image : move to the right or to the left, look up to the sky or down to the floor, zoom, go from one place to another...
Choose the "Full screen" mode, breath and you are already in Méribel !

Virtual tours require FlashPlayer. If a black screen appear or if you experience a bug, refresh by clicking on the F5 key.

La Saulire, as if you where there !

Emblematic summit of the 3 Vallées, culminating at an altitude of 2738m, La Saulire offers a breathtaking panorama of Méribel and Courchevel valleys.

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a night walk near tueda's lake?

Discover the Natural Reserve of Tueda's Lake under the stars and snow, a magical moment at the moonlight.

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climb up the mont-vallon !

Starting from the top of Plattières 1 gondola, having a break on the sunny terrace of Plan des Mains, admire the wonderful panorama on the top of the mythical Mont Vallon at 2952m of altitude !

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Tueda when the sun is shining !

Even during the day, the Natural Reserve stays wonderful.

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Real-estate 3.0: visit your future property straight from your living-room!

The new technologies play an increasing role in all businesses, and real-estate is no exception. Virtual reality (VR) now applies to apartment visits, a technology that makes even more sense in sales and rentals of ski apartments.

Via a simple screen (on your tablet, smartphone or computer etc.), VR offers clients a room-by-room visit, as if you the client was actually walking through the apartment, with a 360°-view around. For an even more immersive experience, the smartphone can be slipped into a VR helmet, letting the buyers or tenants see any detail of the apartment, just turning his head around!

This technology thus offers a real plus to clients, helping them to better perceive the surfaces of the rooms and feel the apartment’s spirit. A result that cannot be achieved even when providing great pictures and a thorough description of the property.
Besides, clients usually live hundreds of kilometers away and do not necessarily have time to travel long distances to visit a few apartments. In that case, virtual visits allow them to get an accurate picture of the property, without leaving their own living-room! And to access it, no need to download an app or a program: it is accessible via a simple web browser!
Virtual reality is thus an important asset to owners of properties for sale or for rent as it allows a larger number of people to easily view the property. An additional opportunity to obtain an offer on your apartment and thus, sell your property!

Since the beginning of the season, Agence Saulire has started proposing this innovative service to its apartments for sale, and, gradually, will do so to all its rental apartments


Virtual visits of apartments for sale

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