Since 2016, most of the agencies of Meribel Valley have united through an association to better outline the services they offer to both owners and tenants. 

A variety of actions

Meribel Valley's real-estate agencies mainly propose 3 types of services: coproperty management (syndic), real-estate sale and rental management (seasonal rentals and concierge services).
The syndic service deals with the management of buildings, making sure they are well maintained, renovated and that the accunting is properly done.
The sale service takes care of marketing the properties for sale, looking for buyers, arranging the visits, negociating the condition of purchase and following-up the sale process.
Eventually, the rental management department is in charge of renting out the properties for the owners, looking for tenants, taking care of the apartment's maintenance and cleaning, as well as all the services in relation to the rental, such as handing the keys, renting the linen, the baby equipment, or even booking the ski equipment and passes!

Seasonal rentals : an important business for a resort

The business vitality of a resort strongly rely on a good occupancy rate. Therefore, by renting out their property and optimising the occupancy rate, the real-estate agencies play an important role in the dynamism of the resort's businesses.
Hence the importance of offering services that are adapted to both types of clients for an agency: the tenants and the owners.

For the tenants, the rental department members are a precious asset as they offer the advice that make a real difference when you take a holiday; they are indeed the best people to address your requirements whether you are travelling as a family, a couple or a group of friends, with or without children.
Being in the resort all-year round, they are also available to assist the clients in case of problem, which is particularly appreci ated by foreign clients when they have to communicate in French or use a system they are not familiar with.
Besides, in a valley where 45% of the clients are foreigners, the clients appreciate to talk in their mother tongue, most of the agents being able to speak several langages.
At Agence Saulire, we welcome you in French of course, but also English, Spanish, Italian and Russian!

Offering a quality service is a guarantee of loyalty over the years!

For the owners too, the agencies reprensent a trustful partner.
They constantly have to adapt to the changing needs and behaviours of the tourists, notably proposing a range of services from the Concierge Services (handing the keys, cleaning the apartment) to the full management of the property (marketing the property, taking pictures, following the clssification process, drawing-up the inventory, wlecoming the clients, checking the apartment, its condition etc.)

Through their long experience, the Agencies can better ensure an optimised occupancy rate of the apartment, associating the stays of individual clients and group clients, while securing the rents thanks to their financial guarantees.

This optimisation also allows to generate rental incomes more regularly, which is an asset for an apartment which is very often only occupied a few weeks every year while it still represents an important cost.

But real-estate agencies also act as advisors. They can offer guidance in terms of fiscality, advising you about the several way of declaring your incomes and which solutions would suit you best.

And that is not the only area in which agencies can offer guidance. For a few years, with the aging of the mountain properties, the agencies are becoming increasingly aware of the need for renovation for their apartments.
It is indeed essential, when one is willing to maintain the value of its property, to renovate and take care of it whenever necessary.
Whether they wish to obtain quotes or look after the renovation of their apartment, the owners are relieved to have a trustful partner on which they can rely to deal with all the aspects of the renovation.

A service that is notably proposed at Agence Saulire, the oldest agency of Meribel-Mottaret.

AGENCE SAULIRE, your partner for more than 30 years!

Agence Saulire was founded by Bernard Blanche in 1984. Son of a real-estate agent who also was the Mayor of the valley, he soon started to develop the potential of Meribel-Mottaret. At a time when "sustainable development" was not even defined as a concept, he has wished to work alongside with the other economic players, notably the lift company, to ensure tourism would sustain local economy.

The Agency thus started to develop seasonal rental in the valley before expanding to sales, with a dedicated service that opened in 2007.

Ever since, Agence Saulire has managed to adapt to the ever-changing tourism market, working closely both with the actors of local tourism and international partners to ensure the best occupancy rate to its owners. The strength of the agency is to have always been able to established strong links with a variety of companies met during international travel fairs, whether it is with small local agencies in Spain or major actors of global tourism like or Airbnb.
The development of this kind of partnerships with the companies of the internet allows Agence Saulire to ensure the best occupancy rate of Meribel!

Over the last few years however, most of the work has been focused on our digital strategy.

We purchased a software which is more effective to get the most of what new technologies have to offer.

The Agency team, who has always considered essential to take nice pictures of the apartments (for free), has enhance its viewing system through a brand-new website in September 2017, as pictures are essential to the potential tenants.
And to propose an experience that would be even more immersive, Agence Saulire has also invested in a techology that creates 360° virtual tours of the apartment, so that the tenants can visit the properties as if they were actually inside the room!
We are the only one to propose this innovative service!

Of course, hearing what our clients have to say is essential to propose a website that can display both the legal information and the ones which the clients are more interested in reading, on a wbesite that is always easier and more ergonomic to use.

A successful approach: within 2 years, the number of online booking has increased by more than 30%!

All together, these elements have lead Agence Saulire to become the most performing agency of the valley, with a occupancy rate above the valley's average.

The Agency keeps offering advice to its owners to improve the comfort and quality of the apartments, notably through renovation and decoration.

This matter is important and even essential in a ski resort where most of the chalets date back from the seventies and eighties. Some property have gotten old and new to be freshen up!La rénovation a une grande importance dans les stations construites avant les années 1990 qui ne sont désormais plus toutes au goût du jour.
At Alpes Home, the Decoration and Design fair, the owners can find advice, renovation companies and decoration providers.

Alpes Home

On July 27th, 28th and 29th, this even was a great occasion to show the new trends in the decoration and mountain design businesses, and to gather, in a same location, the actors of the resorts such as the Tourist Office, the real-estate agencies, the craftmen, shopkeepers etc.

Dedicated both professional and individual clients, owners of chalets or apartment or simple amateurs of decoration and architecture, Alpes Home offered a way for everyone to gather in a laid-back atmosphere, at the centre of Meribel.

The association of real-estate agencies have invited their owners for a dinner, to present their services and thank them for their trust.

A few pictures of this nice evening...

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