You own an apartment or chalet in meribel valley and consider selling it?
Selling an apartment in meribel can seem pretty tricky. Agence saulire dElivers a few advice to ensure a successful transaction.


Before anything, it is necessary to obtain a valuation from a real-estate professional who bestknows the elements which affect the price of a property.
the owner must provide the ownership document in order for the real-estate advisor to detect any important information (right of way, enjoyment
of premises etc.)

Of course, the real-estate advisor must access the apartment or chalet to get a thorough idea of the property, determine the points that could trigger questions from the buyers and get the answers in advance. This is also the best way to "feel" the apartment, see its brightness, its atmosphere etc.

Based on its visit and the prices of similar apartment, the real-estate advisor draws up a valuation for the property. At Agence Saulire, we provide feel, valutations, established with impartiality and full discretion.

Marketing an apartment or chalet at the right price is essential to prevent the property to be seen over and over again. This can lead the potential buyers to feel suspicious about a property that has been on the market for too long. Even after the price is adjusted to the market price, this type of properties may remain hard to sell.

In order to start marketing a property for sale in Meribel valley, or elsewhere in France, the seller and the Agency have to sign a mandate of sale. This contract defines the condition of the sale: it is thus essential. To draw it up correctly, the seller needs to provide a serie of documents, among which the ownership document, their ID, and all the surveys that have already been carried out.
2 types of mandates are usually proposed, notably at Agence Saulire:
  • The sole-agent mandate : by this type of mandat, the seller only entrusts the sale to one agency, hence the "sole-agent" phrase. Only this agency can then carry out the transaction.
    The sole-agent mandate is usually concluded by 3-month periods and is tacitly reconducted for up to 12 months. During the first 3-month period, the mandat cannot be terminated, but it is then possible to do it afterwards, by sending a registered letter at least 15 days in advance. The owner can then switch to a simple mandate.
    There are several advantages for choosing a sole-agent mandate: the property is advertised differently (for instance on priviledged supports, using professional pictures etc.) while beneficiating from an enhanced communication (prioritary display in windows, on longer periods etc.). The sole-agent mandate also allows the sellers to have only one contact person, which eases the exchange of information and allows to save time.
  • The simple mandate : with this type of mandate, the seller entrusts the sale of the property to one or several agency. This gives the advantage of a larger visibility as the different agencies involved usually use different communication channels. However, using many agencies can a perverse effect. The property may indeed be proposed several times to the same buyer, as the advert is widely diplayed. The potential buyers can feel like this property is hard to sell, especially when if the agencies use the same communication supports for a long period of time.
    It is thus recommanded to keep a limited number of agencies to ensure a better balance when marketing a property.
When a chalet or apartment is put up for sale in Meribel, a technical dossier must be constituted. In general, it is composed of the following surveys:
the Surface certificate ("Loi Carrez" certificate), the asbestos certificate of private parts, the one for the common parts, the Energy Performance Diagnosis (DPE), the State of Pollutions and Risks (ERP), the State of the electricity installation. Other surveys such as the gas diagnosis, the State of lead-poisoning risk,or the sewage system certificate may be required.  Once again, these surveys can be ordered for you by the Agency.

At Agence Saulire, we take care of having the surveys done for our clients, whatever the type of mandate they have signed with us.

Since March 2014, Loi ALUR has added new information to provide to the buyers for the apartments in co-ownerships: the coproperty rulebook and its modification (that recall the rules of the coproperty), the coproperty logbook (with all the records of the works done in the building), the financial information (the average amount of the coproperty charges over the last 2 years, of the current advances, procedures etc.), the sum-up of the coproperty information, the minutes of the general assembly over the last 3 years, the Global Technic Diagnosis (DTG) and Multi-year Investment Plan (PPI). If the coproperty is the member of a home-owner's association, the information also have to be annexed to the sale deed. 

Agence Saulire can help you get these documents for the sale of your apartment in Meribel and can even provide some of them for free in some cases.

Some of the documents mentionned above are compulsory to publish an advert for a property, whatever the medium. It is notably the case of the DPE, the number of units in the coproperty, the average amount of the coproperty charges over the last 2 years.
They are also essential to the real-estate advisor who can better inform his clients before and during the visit, allowing the buyers to hold all the cards to make the right call.

The marketing stratery is really important because, in Meribel, the great majority of buyers are second-home owners. Most of the times, the buyers live more than 2 hour far from the resort and only come to visit when they find properties that really match their criteria and when they can visit several properties the same day.

At Agence Saulire, we now propose virtual tours of our properties for sale and for rent in Meribel Valley. An exclusivity in the valley!
We also propose to publish your advert on our website, which has been fully redesigned and improved during fall 2017, which lead to an 18%-increase of attendance in a year !

Our windows have been renovated to make them more attractive and diplay your advert on a TV screen and on quality back-lit screens. 
We also publish a brochure 2 to 3 times a year called "1750" in which we give tourists information about the resort, its news, the ski area etc. and, of course, the property adverts, which appear on the first pages of the brochure.

We also strenghen our presence and visibility online by investments on web campaigns, to better target our French and foreign clients.

Eventually, our excellent results in terms of rentals also allow us to propose properties to our rental clients looking to buy a second-home, whether they are French or foreigners.

Besides, proposing both rental and sale properties, just like Agence Saulire, is a real asset to allow the potentials buyers to get rental valuation that would be both thorough and verifiable. Within the current economical context, this element has become a real plus to reassure both our clients... and their bank!

During the visit, the real-estate advisor presents the property to the clients and answer their questions. The advisor bases his answers on his knowledge of the coproperties, the area, the valley; it is thus essential to know them perfectly! As the oldest agency of Meribel-Mottaret still in activity, Agence Saulire has experimented staff, most of whom have settled in Meribel Valley more than 10 years ago, both on the rental and sales departments.
Once the clients have made an offer on an apartment or chalet, the advisor submits it to the sellers and start the negociation process to result in the signature of the sale deed.

At Agence Saulire, we draw up most of the sale deed and prepare the sale file (made of the sale deed, the technical and ALUR documents, inventory etc.) in order to provide the notary as much documents they need. The real-estate advisor ensures that all parties respect their commitments, with the help of the notary.

The notaries work on the file, take note of the validation of the condition precedent and organise the signature of the actual sale.
After the sale, the real-estate advisor ensures an appropriate follow-up, notably by providing the clients of meters readings.
Selling an apartment or chalet in Meribel can seem pretty complicated given the distances between the buyers, sellers and property for sale. By entrusting the sale of your property to a professional like Agence Saulire, you keep your peace of mind while ensuring you have a trustful partner by your side to deal with all the procedures that have becoming increasing complicated over the last few years.

Contact us for a free valuation or to get additional information.

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