Hit the road... (and only the road)


In February, up to 100.000 véhicules are going to cross each other on the roads of Savoie. With such an intense traffic to cope with over only 3 days, many traffic jams appears, along with their share of irritation and tension inside the vehicles.
Yet, slowdows and traffic regulations have the same aim; avoiding accidents on the windind roads of our valleys, which are also particularly degraded durind winter.

Aware of the drivers' security is at stake, the Public Authorities have worked the case and come up with a regulation system called RECITA (for Tarentaise Traffic Regulation). 
This system is based on the use of traffic lights to regulate traffic near Aigueblanche and the Tunnel du Siaix in Haute-Tarentaise, in order to maintain vehicles on major roads and relieve the secondary ones. Too much traffic in round-abouts and cross-roads can indeed worsten the situation and lead to accident. This is also necessary to keep the roads accessible to emergency vehicles in case of problem.
Thus, paradoxically, you will get to the resort sooner waiting at the traffic lights than trying to go up at all costs!


Keep tuned and respect the organisation plan

In order to drive safely to your destination, it is eseential that you respect carefully the instructions given by the Authoritiesand not try to look for alternatives routes, which are going to be blocked by the police anyway.
Bison Fûté, the French Board for Traffic Information (available in English), has issued reports for the upcoming week-ends to inform you of the busiest hours on the road and, when possible, advise alternative routes or time.

In order to receive useful information during your trip, do not hesitate to follow the Twitter account of Préfecture de la Savoie, tune to "Autoroute Info" on 107.7FM while on highways or "France Bleu Pays de Savoie" on 103.9FM (traffic information every 15 minutes this week-end) or check out Savoie Routes website.

So during the busy week-end on the roads, prepare your trip in advance, pack drinks, food and entertainments for everyone: time will pass much quicker this way.

Have a safe trip!

Download: useful information about Traffic Regulation in Tarentaise valley

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