How to choose an agency to sell your apartment?

  1. Is the agency appropriate to sell my apartment?
The question can sound obvious but in a valley like ours where prices strech from €3.500 to €24.000 per square meter, it is essential!The success of a sale often starts with an apartment that was correctly valuated. You thus need to call in a real-estate agent with an excellent knowledge of the area, the local specifications,  the potential buyers' criteria as well as what communication means are the most relevant. Experience thus appears to be a key point!

At Agence Saulire, established in Meribel-Mottaret since 1984, the agents are experts in the area as they have lived in the valley for years (18 years in average!). Moreover, thanks to the training sessions they attend regularly, they can best adapt to the dynamic business of real-estate where laws evolve constantly, especially in a country like France!
Though it is specialised in Meribel-Mottaret's market, the Agency has already sold apartments in other neighborhoods of Meribel Valley. Relying on parnerships with agents established in Meribel centre, the Agency meets new buyers and also shares its properties for sale to maximise the chances of matching a client and a property, in the client's best interest.
Of course, if you have friends in the resort, you can rely on their own experience when buying or selling their apartment, or check the client's experience on social media.
  1. What does the agency propose in terms of communication?
Advertising a property is obviously essential as it is the best way to promote not only the agency, but also its properties for sale.
Adverts in windows, on the Internet, through sponsorhip etc. there are many way to increase aware on a real-estate agent and its properties.
But being all over the place by promoting everywhere and at all times can be counterproductive as it may give the impression that a property is hard to sell if it justifies such a hype.
It is more relevant to find a middle way and focus on adapted and efficient communication means, whilst ensuring a good visibility to the best targets.
Agence Saulire features a window with backlit supports displaying adverts as well as a TV to whocase your property in a more lively way.

Adverts are also displayed on the agency's website, that was fully redesigned 2 years ago and keeps being improved as new techniques and referencing algorythms appears.
For 2 years, the Agency has also started to propose virtual tours to its clients, in order to let the potential buyers pre-visit the property and better comprehend the volumes and lay-out. It was the first agency to propose such a great innovation!
At Agence Saulire, your adverts are also diplayed on real-estate portals, which are selected according to their relevance, notably the ergonomics, such as
Finally, the Agency releases a brochure at the beginning of winter season (with a second updated edition released before the school holidays). "1750" features adverts but also news about the ski area, the resort, the events etc. to make it more attractive.
Property for which we are sole-agent benefits from a higher-level communication, such as professional photographs, priority display on the windows etc.
  1. Quels services offre l’Agence pendant la vente ?
Là encore, de nombreuses différences peuvent apparaître entre les agences. Certaines agissent uniquement comme des intermédiaires entre vendeurs et acquéreurs et n’interviennent plus une fois le client trouvé, d’autres suivent la vente de A à Z et ce, pour le même tarif !

Le suivi du dossier
L’Agence Saulire suit la vente durant toute sa durée et tient acquéreurs et vendeurs informés de l’avancement du dossier à chaque nouvelle étape. Elle est l’interlocuteur privilégié des acquéreurs, vendeurs et notaires.

Plus de rapidité dans la constitution du dossier… et moins de frais
Etant implantés depuis plus de 30 ans à Méribel-Mottaret, l’Agence dispose de nombreux documents exigés notamment par la loi ALUR (règlements de copropriété etc.), ce qui permet d’accélérer la vente et d’éviter certains frais de copie de documents.

La rédaction du compromis
A l’Agence Saulire, nous rédigeons les compromis de vente dans la plupart des cas, afin d’assurer là encore plus de rapidité dans la vente. En effet, une vente rapide se joue notamment dans la rapidité à recueillir les conditions de la vente, à les faire valider et signer au plus vite.

La gestion de l’aspect locatif
L’Agence Saulire ayant également une activité de gestion locative, nous pouvons également gérer la mise en location du bien vendu, même pendant la période de vente et pouvons vous donner des rentabilités locatives précises et fondées sur des années d’expérience.

Des réponses aux questions techniques et juridiques
De par notre appartenance à la FNAIM, nous disposons d’un service juridique qui peut apporter des réponses à des questions très spécifiques lors d’une vente.
En faisant confiance à l’Agence Saulire pour la vente de votre bien, vous bénéficiez d’une agence présente depuis 34 ans dans la vallée, avec une équipe expérimentée, qui connaît bien la vallée et ses clients. En mettant en œuvre les moyens de communication adaptés à votre bien, ils permettent une efficience accrue et de maximiser vos chances de vendre.
Présente tout au long de la vente, notre équipe se positionne comme l’interlocuteur privilégié à contacter tout au long de la vente.

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