Méribel, a resort for all the kind of families!

Since 1938, Meribel ski resort is home of "grand ski" lovers, looking for pure air and outstanding landscapes. From generations to generations, many families from all over Europe have come here to spend the most pleasant family ski holidays.


Yet, each family is different and lives differently according to everyone's aspiration.

We have played the game of happy families selecting 6 of them to propose a few venues, restaurants and activites adapted to each profile.


And you, what kind of Meribel family are you?




For you, there is no lie-in during a holiday! There's just no time for that, a whole world of activities stands before your eyes...



The slopes of the 3 Valleys of course! It is the world's largest ski area! And as you have selected a ski-in/ski-out residence in Meribel Mottaret, you save some precious time to tour the 600km of slopes as your accommodation is right at the heart of the ski area.
In the morning, you have to choose wisely: either board Pas du Lac gondola lift to reach the top of Saulire and Courchevel ski area ina short  20mn ride, or to step in Plattiere lift, and then inaugurate the brand-new Bouquetin chairlift to reach Vallee des Belleville with Les Menuires and Val Thorens down the valley.

Our suggestion: Roc de Fer slope.
Oberhanging Meribel centre, this mythical slope, which has welcomed the women's competition of the 19992 olympics, will be the beating heart of the world of skiing during the 2023 World's ski championships that Meribel will host together with Courchevel. Are you up to the challenge?



Learning skiing, getting better, discovering new sliding sports, with the ESF instructors of Meribel Valley!
Whether it is through fun activities just like in the kindergarten, in collective classes or private lessons, you will love learning thanks to the wise advice delivered by the certified instructors (and the setting's not too bad either!).


You could be confronted to a dilemma on that matter: not to miss the opportunity of skiing during the lunch break, all the while not being prone to sacrifice a quality meal for a tasteless sandwich.
Lucky you, 
Farto is the answer! Farto is a family-run delicatessen shop which notably proposes ripened cheeses that are carefully selected by one of the best cheese worker in France, to offer the best local produces, whatever the valley in which you are skiing. Le Farto is indeed present in all 3 Valleys: Meribel Mottaret, Meribel centre, Les Menuires and Courchevel.
However, if you are willing to take some time to rest, the terrace of Restaurant Plan des Mains, at the foot of Mont Vallon, is a must-try (and the bread is made on the spot by a boulanger!)


YOUR après-ski :

After a day on the slopes, what's best than a stop in one of the lively bars of the valley? And for a family of sport-lovers, we strongly advise le Rastro, in the Chatelet area of Meribel Mottaret?
Home of the locally born-and-raised Lau brothers, who have monopolised the podiums of the world's telemark-skiing championships over the lest few years, this bar-restaurant Many other bars and pubs also broadcast live sport events, such as the 
Bowling in Meribel entre, or Mottaret centre's Rambler.



... try biathlon?! This discipline, which combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, is accessible to everyone at Altiport, which was the venue of the 2019 French Championships. For more nformation, contact Meribel's ESF.



At the opening of the resort! You are too impatient to wait until Christmas holidays anyway! The slopes are much more quiet, so you have plenty of space to improve your carving skills!


Piste du Roc de Fer

Biathlon Méribel

Cheeses at Farto





For you, holidays are meant to treat yourself with what's best, starting with food. But not only food! Because you know better than anyone else that pleasure can be found using all your other senses...



The gourmet addresses, which are everywhere to be found in the valley! In Meribel Mottaret, you will get across the active family at Farto to find all the fine products you have been craving for since your last visit, especially the matured cheeses. Speaking of cheeses, pay a visit to the Cremerie of Restaurant la Fromagerie, located rue des Glaciers in Meribel Centre. For more than 30 years, Beatrice has selected the tastiest cheeses from the best producers and sells them in her small shop, located above the famous Fromagerie restaurant, the ultimate address to savour the best raclette or fondue along with high-quality cured meats.

A bit further up, do not miss Versant Gourmet: Jean and Sandra, who have opened with catering shop last year, prepare a great selection of home-made products and their shelves are packed with quality preserves and wines! Yummy!

Our suggestion: buy the best products from these shops and prepare a gourmet pic-nic to enjoy on one of the many rest-dedicated areas of the valley, whether you are on the slopes, around Tueda lake or at Altiport!


The First Track. Every year, it is the moment you are all waiting for! Board the first gondolas of Pas du Lac lift and reach restaurant Les Pierres Plates, at 2.738m high.
This is where you will leave your skis to strat the day with a full continental breakfast made of quality products ; side dish is a breath-taking view of the surrounding summits!
Cherry on the cake, once you will be full, put your skis on and open the slopes alongside the ski patrollers!



Looking for a remote restaurant? Head to Clos Bernard then!
Nestled at the heart of Altiport forest, this restaurant can be reached skiing or using a horse-drawn carriage! Step inside the large wooden restaurant hall and you will be drawned towards the fireplace in which prime ribs are grilling over the hot embers.
Outside, the large terrace hosts the guests who are looking to improve their suntan while enjoying the pleasant smell of the surroung firs trees.


YOUR après-ski :

If you are looking for a warm and wlecoming place where local and seasonners gather, go check out the nice selection of wines Magali has to offer at Saint Amour wine bar, rue des Glaciers in Meribel centre.

Amateurs of cosy lounges will head to the smart Bar of Hotel Savoy****, at the very heart of Meribel, to sip one of their excellent cocktails, and taste one of their aperitive boards.

And if it is still a bit early for that, le Savoy proposes the "High Tea" formula, a drink and a selection of sweet or salty cakes to fill up your stomach after a day on the slopes!



...treat yourself with a spa session?
Here again, choosing will be hard. From the simple-yet-efficient Spa of the Olympic Park (brand Pure Altitude)  which proposed a resting room with a splendid view on Mont Vallon, to hotel spas such as the intimate Spa des Neiges by Clarins at l'hôtel Allodis**** or, the one-of-a-kind  Spa du Kaïla ***** by Nuxe.
In Meribel-Mottaret, head to Hotel Alpen Ruitor **** and its Anne Semonin spa: relax in its easing-music environment and forget the time as you treat yourself with a oil massage...



Christmas of course... Festive entertainment, parties, fireworks... a magic time to be spent with your loved-ones!


First Track Méribel

Le Clos Bernard

Spa à Méribel Mottaret

Bar et cocktail à Méribel


THE contemplative FAMILY

You have mainly come for a change of scenery! Admiring, observing, contemplating... you like to enjoy and to absorb all that surrounds you to better change your mind and fill up your batteries.



The villages and hamlets of the valley! A dozen of places, too often neglected by visitors, which however are worth a visit as they brim with treasures for those who have an attentive eye.
Admire the Baroque altarpiece of St Martin des Allues church, regain the long-existing know-hows as you visit the restaured sawmill of le Raffort, wander across the villages to look for the crosses, chapels, "bachals" fountains and ancient collective ovens, and gare at the architectural details Meribel is widely renowned for.

Our suggestion: the pedestrian pass!
If you are not a skier and still wish to admire the outstanding views of Vanoise after visiting the villages, the pedestrian pass is what you need!
Moreover, thanks to the many chairlift that are pedestrian-friendly, you can meet up your family for a nice lunch on the slopes.



Browse the "Bienvenue", THE guide of the valley and the Tourist Office's website (there is also an App) to check out the new ways of discovering the valley. And this time, why not book a flight tour from Meribel's Altiport?
Board the ski-equipped airplane and take off for a breath-taking tour of the 3 Valleys to admire the most beautiful summits: la Grande Casse, le Grand Bec, la Dent du Villard, la Saulire, Tougnète, le Mont Vallon, le Glacier de Gébroulaz, la Pointe de la Masse, Péclet-Polset... and why not pushing a bit further to Mont Blanc?



That will be a cabin on the slopes! The 3 Valleys is full of nice cabin that offer a nice stopover to rest while looking at the amazing landscapes.
Societe des 3 Vallees has precisely identified the most beautiful spots for a pic-nic in the ski area. All you have to do is follow the guide!


Votre après-ski :

You have love the flight experience? You can hardly get such beautiful views from the ground indeed! So your après-ski activity will take you high again, but this time without the noise of an engine: it is much quieter when one chooses paragliding! As the sun will get closer to the horizon, you will be gliding over the valley, delighting yourself with the 360°-view on the surrounding peaks and observing the village which, one by one, will start turning on the street lights... a magic moment when time seems suspended.


...sharing your greatest spots on social media thanks to the photo spots of the ski area? 
Family snaps at the arrival station of the chairlift, giant panoramas with all your team at the centre, pictures of the children in the iconic heart-shaped cabin or in front of the giant logo of Meribel, all you have to do is click and share this magic moment with your friends back home!



In April, when the weather is getting warmer and the day are getting so long that the sun goes down when aperitif time starts...


Détail d'architecture Méribel

Vol touristique montagne Méribel

Cabane des Trappeurs Méribel Mottaret

Spot photo selfies


THE festive FAMILY

No doubt for you: holidays are the moment to move from one fun activity to the other and, of course, to party! Entertainments, games, gigs... you take part in all the outings and fun moments!


All the venues where one has fun! Skiers will head to the Open Park, in Mottaret, and Element Park, in Meribel ! Rails, whoops, bumps... there are so many opportunities to show your tricks! And to confront your family, rush to the boardercross!

Not feeling to good at skiing? Challenge the geblins in Bois d'Arbin forest and take on the challenge of  the Black Forest. Board your sledge and go down the 3,4km-long slopes and its 28 curves for a great moment of laughter!
Our suggestion: did you like the Black Forest mission? Then head to Mottaret to check the Himalaya by Night, the perfect night sledging journey to end the day!



Folie Douce of course!
Is it still necessary to present this unique concept mixing a bar-restaurant and a cabaret? Even this description does not quite fit what Folie Douce really is; it is a state of mind, a little spark of madness that turns a simple stopover into a unique experience! Do you fancy eating, partying, dancing on tables all the while admiring a breath-taking view of the mountains? Then you are a match for Folie Douce! Rendez-vous at the middle station of Saulire Express for Folie Douce Meribel-Courchevel and on top of Pionniers and Plein Sud chairlifts for Folie Douce Val Thorens.



Apart from Folie Douce, there are other altitude restaurants with a festive atmosphere, among which Le Rok, at the middle station of Pas du Lac gondola lift. The staff welcomes you warmly on the sunny south-facing terrace where all you have to do is choose a dish, listen to the musci and have fun! Ready to Rok ?


YOUR après-ski :

You are lucky! Meribel valley has long been a Brits' favorite and has established as one of the greatest resorts for après-ski!
Wine bars, hotel lounges, or pubs filled with live music, pick up what you fancy! But may we recommand one of the most mythical addresses: le Rond Point des pistes! Located in the eponymous area of Meribel, the party starts during the afternoon and does not stop until late!
In Mottaret, chill at the Rastro, on Chatelet side or at the Rambler, in Mottaret centre!


...going to a disco? The Tourist Office provides a list of baby-sitters, most of which speaking English, who can take care of the kids while you are out!
Sully's, the disco pub located at the entrance of Meribel is definitely a Brit's favorite while Les Saints Pères is more of a classic. DownTown, Mottaret's night bar has a muc more "underground" atmosphere, that seasonnaires particularly appreciate.



New Years' Eve week is your favorite, or any school holiday weeks when bars are packed with party goers!


Snowboardeuse au snowark de Méribel

Mission Black Forest Méribel

Folie Douce Méribel Courchevel

Boite de nuit fête à Méribel



To you, mountain could be reduce to its purest form, that of a majestic place that may only be fully unveiled through the effort and the simplest things.

Well, even in a popular valley like ours, you will benefit from your time here...


Meribel's cross-country skiing domain! or should we say domainS as there are 2 main sites and even one route that leads you to Courchevel valley.

The first one is around Tueda lake: at the heart of Vanoise national park reserve, you will find 2 slopes, one green and one blue, to discover the largest arolla pine forest of the Alps and enjoy amazing views of Mont Vallon.
The second area is Altiport, where you can find 3 trails (2 green, 1 blue and 1 red) crossing the forest, which is the ultimate place to discover after a nice snowfall!

Also from Altiport, have a nice 17-km round-trip tour to Courchevel 1850 or La Tania through the Bouc Blanc forest. Quietness and serenity are guaranteed!
Another suggestion: Mont de la Challe and particularly the Back to the Wild pist, a secured-yet-untouched area to ski freeride as soon as the lift open after a night of snowfalls. Whether you are riding it with your skis or snowboard, in 20 or 40cm of fresh powder, this is heaven in its purest form!



The "Nocturnes des restos"! A really friendly event for ski-touring and snow-shoeing amateurs. At dusk, reach one of the altitude restaurants which take part in the event and reward yourself with a yummy buffet when you arrive. More info on Meribel Sport Montagne website (in French) or at the Tourist Office.
Organised regularly during the season, this event is organised by the local sport association but no stress, every one is welcome to join, whatever your pace.


If you are one the ski slopes, then head to Adray-Télébar! For more than 50 years, skiers from around the globe have found their way to this sunny terrace to taste the creamy escalope the restaurant is renowned for. Do not expect WIFI or TV screen in the inside lounge, but take time to enjoy a large waffle by the fireplace for tea time... A great place to start getting back to basics.

If you are walking and not afraid to take a 2h-hike, then aim at Refuge du Christ, above Les Allues. Hervé and Julie will host you in their sweet refuge for a nice meal with a view on Grand Bec. It is a popular place and booking is not an option, whatever the season!


YOUR après-ski :

If you like mountain design and objetcs, go straight to Tentation shop in Le Chatelet area of Mottaret, to unearth great presents and stylish decoration tiems, or check out the brand-new boutique l'Esquisse, which provides all-together quality furniture, original objects and createur jewelry, in a gorgeous boutique at the very heart of Mottaret's centre. A real gem for those who love beautiful objetcs, art and fabric...


... try telemark? The "free-heel" riders will love coming to Meribel, whether they are beginner or experts, as the valley is the home of the Lau Brothers, a family of telemark champions, who run the Rastro bar and work at Meribel ESF ski school! And if Kaline Osaki and Matti Lopez are names that sound familiar to you, you may meet them on the slopes too!


In January, the quiest of all periods, whe, snow is both cold and light:


Ski de fond à Méribel

Télémark à Méribel

Objets déco à Méribel

Nocturnes des restos Méribel


You like to give a sense of sustainability to your holidays, with a greater respect of local traditions, of the natural environment, and of the local economy. Good news, Meribel is also adapted to the ecologist families who crave for mountain holidays.


Undoubtedly, the natural reserve of Tueda!
At the border of Vanoise national park, the first National Park ever created in France, this area has protected for more than 30 years the local species, such as the Alpine ibex, the mountain hare, the bearded vulture, or - easier to spot - the spoted nutcracker, who nestled in the Alp's largest arolla pine forest. In summer, the lycopods and lillium martagons will blossom before the eyes of alpine flora lovers.
The reserve is located in Meribel Mottaret, just 10mn away from the resort center. If you are accommodated in Mottaret, you are really close to this outstanding reserve!

Our suggestion: what about an outdoor yoga class with Marcela, Argentine-raised yoga coach, who regularly unfold her mat by the lake shore for a few morning streches.

And to keep the kids busy in the meantime, let them chase the "Hearth of the Valley" as they take part in the Explor'Gamean exploration game through the reserve. Equipped with their smartphone, they will have to find tags, explorer the reserve and solve riddles to find the treasure. A pleasant game, both entertaining and interesting!


On the slopes, ski along the Piste des Animaux, an easy trail to take the kids discovering the local fauna through fun displays and statues. Learning while having fun, that's what the la piste des animaux has to offer!
If you prefer to walk, there are plenty of pedestrian paths to explore the valley. Through the villages, in the Altiport forest, between Meribel and Meribel-Mottaret, or even between Altiport and Courchevel 1850, there is a choice for pedestrians of all levels and facing different expositions to walk under the sun at all times!

Finally, if you have children who love horses, head to Meribel's horse-riding center!
The most skilled of them will try ski joering, horse-drawn skiing, or poney-sledging, an activity that will trigger wild laugh to everyone!



This winter, Le Blanchot, a gorgeous restaurant at the crossing of the cross-country and alpine ski tracks, will propose a service of take-away dishes to please everyone's taste (organic, vegan etc.). An ideal choice for a good and healthy lunch on the slopes!

And if you are looking to take a real break for lunch, head to rond-point des pistes and pay a visit to "Lilie". Local Chef Sylvain Chardonnet's brand-new restaurant is thought as a tribute to his grand-mother and proposes traditional dishes designed with the necessary finesse, for a hearty meal in a warm atmosphere.


YOU après-ski :

A children's dream coming true: eating a fondue in an igloo!
From Altiport, with your torchlight on hand, start for an hour-long walk through the woods to finally setlle inside the igloo to watch your guide prepare a nice fondue... made from Reblochon cheese! A life-time memory to create with your kids!


... checking what the museum of les Allues has to offer?
Installed in Maison Bonnevie, opposite the old common oven of Les Allues, the museum traces the history of the valley and its inhabitants through exhibitions of tools used in the fields, cadastre extracts from the XVIIth century but also, of course, old ski equipements to show how things have evolved since the 1930's!
... or a magical evening at Refuge du Plan, in Meribel-Mottaret! Under the milky way, get across the reserve of Tueda with your headlight on and, after a short 30-minutes walk, push the door of this former refuge that was renovated 7 years ago. Raclette, fondue or pierrade  (meat on hot stone) are waiting for you for an a really special night in the reserve.
Have a virtual tour of the reserve of Tueda and its magic feeling, right here!


Off the busiest weeks of the winter, so preferably in January or when the days are longer, in late March or during Easter holidays weeks for instance.


Yoga au Lac de Tuéda à Méribel

Piste des animaux


Enfants igloo Méribel


See, there are really activites for all families in Meribel!

To have the chance to discover them, do not hesitate to contact us to find the perfect self-catering accommodation in Meribel: our holiday advisors will direct you to the apartment that best suits your needs!


Photo credits: S. Aymoz, Méribel tourisme - C.Arnal, Méribel Tourisme et S3V - D. André, S3V - Folie Douce.