Just like every year, the moment to pack the suitcases for your ski trip turns into a nightmare: how can you possibly fit the ski pants, jacket, goggle and gloves for all the family members when your suitcase is already full of jumpers, fleece jackets and socks? And that is without considering how tall the children have grown over the year!

To address this problem, SkiChic proposes its clients to rent their ski gears and have them delivered straight to their holidays place, in this case Agence Saulire!

It is easy; you choose your ski gears according to your size, style and range, among a selection of branded outwear (Quicksilver, Salomon, Fusalp, Peak Performance, Poivre blanc etc.). Then you pay online and get your order directly at Agence Saulire, upon arrival.
During your ski week, you benefit from a quality outfit that ensures more comfort and, at the end of your stay, you just have to pack it back into its delivery cover and return it to Agence Saulire. No need to wash and dry it: SkiChic takes care of everything!

For you, there are 2 main benefits: your suitcase is much lighter (which is great when you come by train or plane) and you benefit from a quality gear, available in several colours, which ensures a better comfort and style on the slopes!
And that also save you some laundry when you get back home, which makes your trip back a bit lighter too!

Do not waste more time and book now your SkiChic gears by clicking here.

Photo credit: Skichic