All the rented apartments are owned by private individuals. The task of managing seasonal lets on behalf of these individuals is entrusted to the Agence Saulire, which acts
as an authorised representative responsible for payment.

Insurance: All items or personal effects belonging to the tenant shall remain the responsibility of the latter. Such items or effects are not covered by any insurance policy
originating from the building, the owner‐lessor or the authorised Agency. The tenant must therefore ensure the safekeeping of his/her personal belongings, in particular
with regard to the risk of theft, glass breakage… The client must be in possession of a full travel insurance.

Reservation: the tenant has a period of 7 days from confirmation to exercise the right of withdrawal.
Beyond this period, the reservation are final after receiving the deposit of 30% of the rental price and send your rental contract by the agency, which implies the
acceptance of the general rental conditions.

The owner/authorised representative shall automatically retain this amount in the event of cancellation, unless commercial cancellation conditions below.
Lettings will generally be agreed for a minimum of 7 nights and 6 full days. Letting periods shall run from 5pm on the day of arrival to 10am on the day of departure.
Supplementary nights to those agreed shall be also invoiced in proportion to the general prices.
Once a reservation has been made there can be no change of apartment without incurring the total loss of the rental amount.
A departure during the stay, can not give rise to any refund. The amount of rentals and services included or not, will be retained.
The bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the customer

‐ The balance of the rent must be paid one month before the day of arrival, without reminder from the agency.
‐ Any bookings made less than a month before the arrival date, must be paid in totality to be confirmed.
In case of non‐payment within this period, the AGENCE SAULIRE reserves the right to resale the apartment, while retaining all of the deposit paid at registration.
If the tenant has to cancel his reservation, he must notify the Agency in writing. If cancellation occurs less than 45 days prior to arrival, the tenant is obliged to pay the total
rent and to pay fees as follows :

Cancellation fee :
From the booking date to 45 days before arrival: 30% of the balance (deposit acquired)
20‐44 days before arrival = 50%
15‐19 days before arrival = 60%
14‐4 days = 75%
3‐0 days = 90%
Commercial cancellation conditions: the deposit will not be refunded on a commercial basis (after deducting administration fees of € 50 / folder) only in case of resell of the apartment on the same pricing terms.

COVID cancellation conditions:
Full refund of your deposit or balance (excluding the administration fees which remain at the tenant’s charge) only under the following circumstances:
- The Administrative closure of les Allues area and of Méribel ski area following a Mayor decree,
- Inability to get to resort (travel ban, kilometer restriction, borders closure for residents outside France, confinement).
If the stay has started, the costs will be calculated prorata temporis of the nights already spent plus fixed cancellation costs.

Guarantee Deposit:
The payment of a bond is requested (between €300 to € 1000 according to the rented apartment) to address the damage that could be caused to the
rented property and furniture and other objects of the rented premises.
It is mandatory to set the keys, it must be paid by credit card only (payment in cash not accepted). It shall be returned at the latest 10 days after your departure, then the
credit card authorisation is cancelled.
The final cleaning is not included, if the cleaning required on departure is not done by the tenant, the latter will be invoiced for an all‐inclusive amount, which will be
deducted from the bond together with the cost of replacing any damaged items or items missing from the apartment or communal areas, related services (television, linen,
cot etc.) If these costs exceed the bond amount the tenant undertakes to pay the balance.

Welcome and handing over of keys:
The keys shall be handed over by the Agence Saulire between 5pm till 7pm after payment of the balance, local tax and the deposit.
In case of late arrival the tenant will necessarily contact the agency during opening hours to arrange the keys, otherwise it can take possession of the leased premises the
next day without being able to claim any compensation or refund.
It shall first have paid the balance of the rental price and guarantee deposit by mail before his arrival.
In case of late arrival and early departure, no refund can be claimed by the lessee.
The balance shall also be payable in the event of a failure to take possession of the respective property indicated by the keys not being handed on the date scheduled.

Schedule of condition and inventory:
Due to the large number of arrivals and departures occurring at the same time it will be difficult for the agency to draw up a schedule
of condition in the presence of the respective tenant. Such schedules of condition will be produced prior to arrival before the next tenants arrive. A detailed inventory is in
each apartment and a form of state is given at your arrival.
The lessee agrees to check the condition of the apartment, reports any defects within 24 hours at the latest after picking up the keys. No claim of inventory and cleaning
will be considered after this time.
After this period, the lessee shall be deemed tacitly acknowledged the accuracy of the inventory, and equipment, and clean housing.
The lessee agrees to leave the Agence Saulire perform any necessary repairs in its housing and without claim to compensation.

The tenant agrees:
* To respect the dates and times of occupancy, namely 17 hours on the day of arrival and MUST return the keys before 10am the day of departure at the agency. If the
tenant does not comply with the deadline of 10am, he will be charged an extra day.
* The tenant shall occupy the rented property acting with due diligence.
* To respect the internal regulations of the apartment building, in particular the obligation to be quiet after 10pm.
* To occupy the apartment by the number of people indicated in the agreement (babies and children included) and in accordance with the equipment provided,
although the total number of beds is higher (some apartments have a choice between using several beds).
* To make no change in the arrangement of furniture and furnishing in the rented property and to prohibit the carrying out of these premises.
* To restore the places in the state in which they were found, the cleaning is not included in the price, it may be required in addition.

If the rented property is for sale the tenant may not object to any visit by the Agency (meeting arranged in advance).
No reduction in rent or compensation may be claimed by the tenant in the event of disruption to the operation of communal or public equipment.
The Agency is not responsible for the deprivation and decreased enjoyment, not from the fact.


1 – Préambule
When an individual (hereinafter the “customer”) buys a ski lift pass, this fact entails that he/she has perused and accepts all of these general terms and conditions of sale and use, without prejudice to the usual legal remedies.
If a provision is missing in these general terms and conditions, this missing provision shall be deemed to be governed by current practices in the ski lift sector for companies having their registered offices in France.
Online purchases (On websites, automatic kiosks or tablets) are also subject to the Specific Terms and Conditions for Online Sales posted at the corresponding sales channel.
2 – Pass
The pass is comprised of a card on which a ticket is registered.
It gives access, during the term of validity of the ticket and under the terms and conditions specified hereinafter, to ski lifts in operation corresponding to the ticket category.
The user must be in possession of his/her pass during the entire journey on the ski lift, from the loading area to the unloading area.
To facilitate the transfer of encoded information during passage through the inspection terminals, the pass must be worn on the left side and, preferably, away from a mobile phone, keys and any form of packaging comprised in whole or in part of aluminium.
The rates of passes, tickets and cards are displayed near the cash desks. They may also be viewed on the website sites: | |
The passes, the term of which is longer than the shortest term proposed, are strictly personal, non-assignable and non-transferable.
2.1 - Re-encodable cards
The cards are re-encodable which means they can be re-used one or more times within the limit of a three years warranty period.
The warranty applies only for normal use of the card. The warranty covers the issue of a new card to replace the defective card.
Besides the fact that cards that can be topped up at the cash desks, they can be used to buy a half day ticket to a 21 consecutive day ticket  (-13 years, adult,  65/-75 years, and Family, Duo or Tribu (from 6 day) only by logging on to the following websites: | |
The holder of a re-encodable card is not entitled to any reduction on the ticket price in the event the card is topped at cash desks or on the Internet.
As long as the ticket registered on re-encodable card has not expired, another ticket, apart from an extension, may not be registered.
For recycling purposes, please place the cards in the boxes close to the cash desks.
The price of the pass includes the price of the card.
2.2 - 3 Vallées Liberté
The 3 Vallée Liberté pass is a personal pass comprised of a re-encodable card and an unlimited right of access during the current season on the 3 Vallées skiing area.
The unit of use of the 3 Vallée Liberté pass is the day per adult (Courchevel Valley, Méribel Valley or 3 Vallées). Said days may be used consecutively or not during the current season.
The days are invoiced weekly and debited from the holder’s bank card based on the days per adult at a discounted rate.
3 - Terms and conditions of issue of inspection of tickets
3.1 - Photo and proof of identity

The sale of the season pass or the 3 Vallées Liberté pass as well as the delivery of free tickets are subject to the delivery or taking of a recent photograph, facing the camera, without sunglasses or without headgear.
The S3V keeps this photograph in its electronic ticket system to facilitate any topping up (re-encoding) of the ticket, unless the customer objects thereto.
A rate reduction based on age bracket is subject to the production of proof of identity.
3.2 - Methods of payment
Payment is made in euros:
> by cheque drawn up on a bank account opened in France and made payable to S3V,
> by bank card (Visa, Eurocard, Master Card, American Express),
> holiday vouchers issued by the ANCV (French national holiday voucher agency).
As a security measure, cash payments are only possible for purchases at cash desks, to the exclusion of remote purchases of passes.
Moreover, purchases made on-line may be paid only by bank card (Visa, Eurocard, Master Card, American Express)
3.3 - Invoice and proof of sale
3.3.1 - Invoice

Regardless of the card used, an invoice is issued, upon request, to show for a single transaction, the number of products bought, a brief itemization of said products, the total price, before VAT, of the transaction and the total amount of VAT.
3.3.2 - Proof of sale

When a pass is issued, proof of sale is delivered showing the type of ticket, its date of validity and its sole number.
This proof must be kept carefully for presentation upon any claim.
3.4 - Inspection
The customer must hold a ticket during the entire journey on the ski lift from the loading area to the unloading area.
The pass must be presented at each inspection requested by the operator.
Not holding a ticket, use of a non-compliant ticket or non-compliance with the police regulations posted at the lift loading area recorded by a sworn inspector gives rise to a fixed indemnity, which is increased, where applicable, by closing costs, the amount of which is set under current regulations.
The forging of a ticket or use of a forged ticket gives rise to criminal proceedings as well as to the payment of damages.
In an effort to combat fraud, the client is informed by way of a logo that they are automatically photographed when they pass through the turnstiles. These photographs are then used by sworn inspectors in regular inspections with the sole purpose of ensuring that no exchange takes place, since the pass is neither transmissible nor transferrable. Photographs taken will be kept for the duration of the ticket and up to two days thereafter. Only the first and the last photo of each day are retained; all other photos are deleted at the end of each day. These photos are processed as personal data as described in paragraph 8.
In all the aforementioned cases, the passes may be withdrawn for the purpose of evidence and in order to return them to their owners.
3.5 - Transfer and resale prohibited
During the term of validity of the ticket, the pass cannot be assigned or transferred. It cannot be lent free of charge or for a fee.
4 - Rates
All retail prices of passes, tickets and cards are displayed at the sales outlets. Said rates are expressed in euros, including VAT.
They also appear on the website |
Reductions or complimentary passes are proposed to various categories of individuals in accordance with terms and conditions available at sales outlets and on presentation of documents to prove the special rate when making the purchase. No photocopies of supporting documents will be accepted. No reduction or complimentary reduction shall be granted after the purchase.
The age of the customer to be taken into account will be the age determined on the date of the commencement of validity of the pass to be issued.
5 - Refund of passes

Stay/season passes take account of a special sliding scale.
5.1 - Party used or non-used passes
In the event the tickets issued are not used or not totally used, they are not refunded or exchanged.
5.2 - Loss, destruction or theft
In the event of loss, destruction or theft, and on presentation of the delivery slip or the proof of sale, a ticket shall be delivered for the unexpired period less one waiting day and a card corresponding to this residual period.
Said measure shall be subject to the delivery to the delivery slip or proof of sale as well as to payment of an amount of ten euros for operating costs (stop payment and blocking of the ticket).
Any passes found can be handed into at the central cash desk.
5.3 - Closing or service outage
In the event of an interruption of more than five (5) consecutive hours AND interruption of over 80% of the ski lifts to which the ticket gives access, the holder of a ticket may be offered compensation for the loss sustained.
The holder may, upon delivery of supporting documents (invoice or proof of sale and duly completed "Customer Comments" form), be granted:
> either an immediate extension in days,
> or a credit note in euros to be used no later than the end of the second winter season following that for which the refund is granted and calculated proportionally to the duration of the closing of the lifts,
> or deferred rate compensation set by S3V and calculated proportionally to the duration of the closing of the lifts.
The supporting documents must be produced within two months following the service outage. Compensation shall be made within four months following receipt of the documents.
5.4 - Illness or accident and other personal event
Tickets shall not be refunded in the event of accident, illness and any other personal reason, regardless of the term of validity of the pass.
Insurance can be taken out to cover this risk and useful information can be obtained from out sale hostess(es).
6 – Remote sale
Passes bought on-line shall, at the purchaser’s choice:
> sent by post to the address given by the customer,
> collected at the Tourist Office of the purchaser’s resort (Courchevel/ Courchevel Moriond / Courchevel Village / Le Praz/ La Tania / Méribel-Mottaret).
On simple request, tickets may be refunded or exchanged no later than on the eve of the first day of validity.
7 - Violation of transport clauses
In the event of non-compliance with police regulations or these general terms and conditions of sale and use, the passes may be withdrawn for the purpose of proof.
Depending on the seriousness of the violation committed, it may give rise to the payment of a fixed indemnity increased, where applicable, by the closing costs, or to legal proceedings as well as to the payment of damages.
8 – Automated processing of personal data
8.1 –Organisation of the precession of personal date
S3V engages in the computerized processing of personal data in its sales of passes.
In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 amended on 7 October 2016 and the General Data Protection Regulations of 25 May 2018, you have the right to access, amend and erase your personal data, to restrict or oppose the processing of said data, a right to withdraw consent and a right to the portability of data. You can exercise your rights by contacting the DPO via e- mail at
You also have the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority. Finally, you have the right to determine instructions relating to the fate of your personal data after your death.
8.2 – Sales and distribution / ticketing processing
Personal data collected in the sale of your bundle are collected for the following purposes: to complete the sale and provide after-sales follow-up, invoicing and (where appropriate and with your explicit consent) to send you marketing information on our products and services.
Personal data requested from you, other than those that require your explicit consent, are compulsory: without these data, we will not be able to process your purchase order. Your data will be sent to the Sales department of S3V and held for three years for marketing communications purposes, and ten years for invoicing data.
8.3 – Processing of turnstile data
Ski lift turnstile data are collected and used to manage access to ski lifts, monitor tickets and for statistical purposes. These data are sent to the Operations and Sales departments of S3V and are held for one season, but only detailed information on the last six fares is held for 48 hours. Globalised information for each station and each day can then be used.
These data are anonymised after the end of the season for statistical use.
8.4 – PhotoCompare control of turnstiles of certain devices
As indicated in paragraph 3.4 ("Controls"), photographs are taken and stored at turnstiles of some ski lifts. The purpose of these photographs is solely to monitor the use of passes, with the photos sent to the control services of S3V. The use and duration of validity of these passes are explained in paragraph 3.4 ("Controls").
8.5 – Precessing for a free souvenir photo service
S3V has set up a free souvenir photo service on the Biollay and Combes chairlifts and on the Luge Moriond Racing piste. When you go through the turnstiles, a photograph of the seat of the ski lift or of your sledge is automatically taken. You can collect this photograph at a free terminal when you arrive.
Due to data privacy protection concerns, this photograph will be automatically deleted after 30 minutes.
9 – CO2 information for transport services by lifts
Pursuant to Article L. 1431-3 of the Code of transport, S3V communicates the following information related to CO2 emission for transport services by lifts:
  • CO2 emission for a day ski pass in the 3 Valleys is 366 g equivalent to a road trip by car of 2.6 km.
For further information, please contact the following service: S3V - Service QSE - BP 40-73122 Courchevel Cedex - France.
10 – Settlement of litigation
Any litigation is solely under the competence of the courts in the jurisdiction where the Operator’s business is established. The agreement is governed by French laws.
Any litigation should be sent to S3V within 2 months after the event at the origin of the claim, without prejudice to legal channels and time-limits for legal action, at the following address: S3V – BP 40 – 73122 COURCHEVEL Cedex - France
Without a satisfactory reply or no reply within a period of at least two (2) months following a written complaint (And within a maximum of one (1) year following a written complaint ), the consumer has the possibility of seizing the Ombudsman of Tourism and Travel whose details and ways of referral can be obtained by consulting his website:
The opinion of the Ombudsman is not binding on the parties to the contract. In the absence of a friendly settlement, the litigation may be brought before the competent courts.
In addition, according with the article 14 of Settlement (UE) n°524/2013, the European Commission has set up an online dispute resolution platform, facilitating an independent settlement of online disputes between consumers and professionals in the European Union.
This platform is available on the internet at the following address: